Application Timeline


The appropriate application should be carefully prepared and submitted by one of the following deadlines. All applications must be submitted annually.




Application Due Date

June 15, 2017

November 15, 2017

Review & approval

by GBGM staff & cabinet

July-August 2016

December, 2017 – February, 2018

Review & Final Approval by

The GBGM Board of Directors

October, 20167

April, 2018


2 weeks after final approval

2 weeks after final approval

1st Disbursement



2nd Disbursement, if applicable



Evaluation Due Date

One month prior to the end of the funding year or when the project is completed

One month prior to the end of the funding year or when the project is completed

Funding Criteria


The Pacific Islanders Ministry Plan (PIMP) was established by the General Conference of The United Methodist Church to strengthen the ministries of Pacific Islanders communities.  Funding is provided annually for projects and programs that meet the following goals as mandated by the General Conference and the priorities established by the AALM Committee:


t  Congregational Development

     Develop New Churches

            Revitalize Existing Churches


t  Leadership Development

          Training Event/ Scholarship for Training/ Recruitment of pastoral and lay leadership


t  Development of Community/ Outreach Ministry

          Ministry with the Poor

          Church as Community


t  Development of Language Resources and Materials’


t  Global Health


All applicants should first contact the Executive Secretary for the Pacific Islanders Ministry Plan for initial consultation. Grants are provided as seed money or matching funds only.  Congregational development grants are made on an annual basis; a multi-year projects can reapply each year with a new application, an evaluation report and a recommendation from the annual conference for up to 3 years. Projects/programs with the strongest potential for viability and sustainability will be given priority.


Funding Process

                   Initial consultation

When a request for funding is received by the office of the Executive Secretary for Pacific Islander Ministries at the General Board of Global Ministries, the staff conducts a phone and/or email conference with the representative of the organization (i.e., DS, Conference staff, local church pastor, or Caucus person, etc.) making a request to obtain the information about the application and to mutually discern whether it is within the General Conference mandate and priorities as established by the Pacific Islanders Ministry Plan Advisory Committee.

                   Application process

Following the initial consultation, an application is sent to the representative of the entity making the request. It will be the responsibility of the organization to prepare the application and return it to the GBGM office.

                   Review and approval process

When the application is completed and submitted to the office, the staff will review it. The staff will then prepare the GBGM Funding Request Form to be submitted to the GBGM Cabinet for its approval. After the GBGM Cabinet approves it, it will be submitted to the GBGM Board of Directors for final approval; the board meets in spring and fall.

                   Notification process

Once GBGM Board of Directors approves the grant application, the PIM office will mail the Letter of Approval and Agreement Form to the representative and others involved in the application process. The representative of the entity making the request is required to return the Agreement Form with his/her signature to the office.

                   Fund release

After receiving the Agreement Form, the office will complete the paper work for the release of the funds and notify the GBGM Treasury of the completion. The actual check will be released directly to the payee indicated on the application form.

                   Evaluation process

Each project which receives funding from PIM plan is required to engage in an evaluation process. The mandatory evaluation questionnaire will be mailed to the person in charge of the project with the fund, as well as near the end of the funding cycle. The questionnaire is to be completed and returned to the office along with the summary report by one month prior the end of the funding cycle or when the project is completed. For projects which receive more than $10,000 from PIM plan, a site visit is required by the staff as a part of the evaluation process. 


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